Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wow-e: Malthusian Fear Mongering Can Be Annoying | MetaFilter

While the latest Pixar/Disney animated film, Wall-E (teasers, trailers and clips) debuted as the No. 1 movie this past weekend and has been met with critical acclaim, including a 97% "Fresh Rating" ...

This thread on MetaFilter was discussing how right-wing thinkers are panning the animated film "Wall-E." This thread links to the original article on

This amazes me. How is this little robot making the radical right so mad? Why does a message to look after our own garbage make the radical right so mad?

Apparently, the "The Incredibles" had the radical left pretty upset too. The movie supposedly espoused the objectivist principles of Ayn Rand. To the point of having a scene where Mr. Incredible shoulders a giant orb-shaped robot to emulate the cover of the book "Atlas Shrugged."

I had no idea.

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