Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lime-Themed BBQ

We had some friends over last night and I used a bunch of recipes off the Internet that were new to me. As I was cooking, I noticed that there was lime in just about every recipe. I guess that flavor must have appealed to me as I was web surfing.

For drinks, I made a Basil Limeade. This choice was inspired by the yummy drink that I had at The Hungry Cat last week. This drink does not keep well and should be consumed immediately. It becomes bitter as more flavors come out of the lime pith over time.

For the main course, we had hot dogs. No lime there, but for the vegetarians, I made grilled tofu with a marinade containing lime. The maple flavor really came through in the grilling. I didn't have any balsamic vinegar, so I substituted rice vinegar. I think this was an improvement.

On the side, I made a Lime Quinoa Salad with mint. This was a low glycemic index salad from Karina the Gluten-Free Goddess.

I was going to make a dessert inspired by The Hungry Cat, but ran out of time. It was going to be a cornmeal cake with pickled stone fruit (very light simple syrup, with ginger, coriander, and basil), with whipped cream top (Cool Whip for those who can't have dairy). This is not low fat or low glycemic index. :) Instead, I bought a mango mousse cake from 99 Ranch Market. It was this week's loss leader, on for $10 instead of the usual $25.

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