Thursday, January 1, 2009

What conservatives fear most in the first 100 days | BlogHer

What conservatives fear most in the first 100 days | BlogHer

This blog post was a bizarre diatribe against Barack Obama. It quoted lots of other blogs, but had virtually no content. It supposedly talked about what conservatives were worried about, but there's little more than innuendo in it.

The article criticizes Obama's proposals for change in education by saying that "his past, as usual, doesn't hold up under scrutiny." WTF? What does this have to do with anything?

Another blogger thinks that taxpayers should not be funding abortion, and the article implies that this is a possibility due to the bail out of Wall St. and the auto industry. WTF?

Some one else criticizes Obama for not immediately finding a new church in D.C. and going to the gym on Sunday mornings instead.

At last, a concrete concern about Obama being likely to pass "already-drafted bills on the assault weapons band and ammunition registration." Ah, yes, those second amendment rights must be protected, with guns.

And finally, a concern about "the possibility of a massive tax hike to rival those of Bill Clinton's tax increases - the biggest in our nation's history." Excuse me? He did not. And a tax hike would only be undoing the tax cuts that Bush put in place that the country could not afford in the first place. Besides, how are you going to be paying for all that lovely national defense?

I guess if you're determined to be a fear monger, you can succeed without facts and without having your brain in gear.


Steel said...

People are really dumping alot of emotions onto Obama's first 100 days. I think as much as some on the left just want him to get down to brass tacks, those on the right are afraid he will be passing "progressive" legislation. It will be interesting to see!

Mausburger said...

Yes, indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.