Thursday, October 22, 2009

BBC NEWS | Health | Womb transplants 'a step closer'

BBC NEWS | Health | Womb transplants 'a step closer'

Researchers in the UK report on "successful" experiments to transplant wombs into rabbits. They lived 10 whole months after the operation.

This is just crazy. Why would anyone want a womb transplant? Presumably, because her womb was diseased and had to be removed, but she still wanted to experience pregnancy. Pregnancy is so risky with your own womb. There are A LOT of blood vessels in there. You could so easily die from a hemorrhage in a transplanted womb, even without getting pregnant. It's so risky, that the transplanted womb is only intended to temporary.

Don't do it-- the transplant or the research. The doctors have had difficulty finding funding for their work. I'm not surprised. I wouldn't fund this.

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