Friday, August 13, 2010

Who do the Google ads on my blog think I am?

I have Google ads turned on for my blog in the vain hopes that some day people will read this and I'll become rich and famous. The other day, I noticed an interesting set of ads featured: electronic medical records (EMR), help on writing, a pro-life "abortion" clinic, and visual materials for Bible studies. What a mixed up bunch of ads!

Google tries to put ads that are related to the content the page. I'm going to try and guess what triggered each of the ads.

The EMR ad probably appeared because I mentioned doctors or medical topics.

The writing help likely appeared because I have written about the writing process.

I have a couple of posts on abortion. I guess these anti-clinics are trying to divert people with so-called "abortion information."

Bible study materials likely appeared in response to my post on a sermon.

It is creepy how strange and apt the set of ads is. So, I must be pro-choice Christian who writes and likes medical stuff. Sounds about right. Nothing about computers or technology... hmm. :)

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