Wednesday, September 15, 2010

@TwitChange : who would you bid on?

Welcome To TwitChange is a celebrity auction where the prizes are all Twitter-related. All the proceeds are going to support a home and school for special needs children in Haiti. You can choose to have your favorite celebrity re-tweet one of your message, mention your @-handle in a tweet, or follow you for 90 days.

Being so clueless about popular culture, I don't recognized most of the names of the list. But a few that caught my eye are Stephen Fry, Demi Moore, Nichelle Nichols, Alex Wong from So You Think You Can Dance. More celebrities are being added every constantly. (Or more. Six new ones appeared as I was writing this post, including Neil Gaiman.)

So, if I could bid on anyone in the world, who would I choose? And which prize?

I have a couple of ideas.

Option 1. Choose a Republican pundit and have him/her re-tweet a message that is suitably liberal. Maybe Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin?

Option 2. Choose somebody intellectually interesting, somebody who has given a TED talk, and have him/her follow you for a 90 days. Maybe Liz Coleman or Hans Rosling.

Who would you choose?

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